Mail redundancy

Simple redundancy for your existing cPanel email servers
Looking to supplement your email offering with backup MX?
cPanel backup MX service geared towards existing email server providers who are seeking to strengthen their incoming email offering and allowing global redundancy if your primary server gets overloaded or is down for maintenance than we can keep your email until you come back online.

backup anycast cpanel mx service


Our servers are located primarily in Montreal, Quebec, Canada with redundancy in the United States and Europe, running the latest software and security, always ready to relay your mail.


We connect directly to your cPanel servers and synchronize your domains and email accounts to make sure we are always up to date with your end users no domain/account maximum.


All our backup MX servers, protected by state of the art auto learning spam filtering, scanning and scoring your incoming emails for fraud, viruses, malware, spyware and social engineering scams.


All our backup MX servers are running on cloud instances with full redundancy in power, storage, network. Keep your email safe, Twenty-four hours a day.


We can help you upgrade your current email offering with top tier professional advocates only an email, ticket or telephone call away. We discuss the implementation and deployment for your clients.


Zero administration for you! This system is fully automated and synchronized at a timed interval to your servers making sure all accounts are up to date.


cPanel backup mail exchange

Cloud backup MX - 45.74$/m per server

Custom backup mail exchange

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