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We offer domain names in all the key global regions. You should register all domains you plan to use for your brand, be it marketing landing pages or future products.

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Remember if you want to use spaces, you can replace them with hyphens. We are continually adding new extensions, if we don't have one you need, contact our sales staff, and we will add it to our portfolio.
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.COM is popular in pop-culture and recognizable worldwide, this should always be your first choice if possible.


.NET geared towards tech companies and internet service providers (like us)


.CA is used for Canadian businesses and helps with local search results in search engines (SEO) and is highly recommended as your primary brand domain name if you're primarily in Canada.


.ORG used by Non-Profits, Fundraisers and charity events. It is a clear sign that the domain and brand are helping the community is our community initiative if your business needs help.


.TV is a great extension if you're a Youtuber or are creating your show or movie production. Do you plan on creating video content? Then this might be for you!


.IO is usually reserved for the geeks in this world, I/O stands for Input/Output ports on a computer and is a little quip for us nerds.

We offer a wide variety of other domain names, click here to perform a search.

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